Our Schools

Our Schools

We serve Los Angeles

LAMDL partners with over 30 schools in Los Angeles to grow debate, adding more every year.

Students in urban public schools have little more than a fifty percent chance of graduating from high school. Urban debate keeps these students in school. It teaches them that, with effort, they can succeed, and it ignites their passion for learning. The results are dramatic. Urban debaters are 3.1 times more likely to graduate than non-debaters. Ninety-percent of urban debaters graduate on time, compared to only seventy-five percent of similar students who do not debate.

LAUSD is a significant partner with LAMDL. In addition to the logistical and organizational support that it provides, LAUSD also contributes one-third of the funds needed to run the debate league.

  • Bravo Medical Magnet High School
Gricel Diaz & Elvia Espinoza
  • CHAMPS Charter High School
Chris Ciampa
  • Compton Early College High School
Christopher Cantu & Frank Lozier
  • Crenshaw High School
Tadeo Huazo & Tracey Coleman
  • Downtown Magnets High School
Arielle DePaolo & Hong Chao
  • Elizabeth Learning Center
Dean Howell
  • Fremont High School
Heather Goehring
  • Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy
Joy Yoneda
  • Humanities & Arts Academy
Lauren Willard
  • Huntington Park High School
  • Lake Balboa College Preparatory
Justin Parco
  • Lincoln High School
Melissa Lizarraga & Earl McGillen
  • Maywood Academy High School
Crystal Rodriguez
  • New Designs Charter High School - University Park
Said Dibinga
  • Port of Los Angeles High School
Ellen Chase
  • PUC Cals Charter High School
Janis Flores & Alexander Stevens
  • Roybal Learning Center
Ethan Faulkner & Juan Liebana
  • STEAM Legacy High School
Thalia Catano & Moon Kim
  • Stern Math and Science School
Lynda DeAnda & Yvonne Gutierrez
  • South East High School
Melissa Steddom
  • South Gate High School
Laura Mikasa
  • University Prep Value School
Whitney Upshaw & Isabel Clay
  • Valor Academy High School
Kaitlin Curry & Ben Katcher
  • Washington Preparatory High School
Max Phillips
  • And more!

“Debate has increased the motivation and engagement of my most apathetic students; they love the competitive nature of debate and eagerly delve into texts that they otherwise typically avoid.”

Van Anh ToTeacher at Crenshaw High School