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Frequently Asked Questions

If there's something you're not sure about, you're not the only one!

Where should I go to find the schedule and the zoom links?

The WCCDI Live Doc will give you an overview for the whole week, as well as specific details for each day's activities including the Zoom Links.

What supplies (besides a phone/pc for zoom) do I need?

Most importantly, you should have your favorite way to take notes available. Some instructors will give handouts or other supplemental material digitally. I also recommend you have a way to open .docx or google docs files while in session. If they are in a situation where you cannot be on call and read documents at the same time, our staff will be sharing their screen where they can read along that way.

Anything else you need will be accessible via Zoom while in session. If any students need a paper copy of files sent to them, we can produce and get that to them within a day or two.

I'm working/in summer school and can’t make the main sessions. Can I attend portions of the evening electives?

Yes, you're still welcome to attend part time. Some lessons will build off the morning, but for the most part you will be able to jump in where you fit in. If you know what times you will be missing ahead of time, please let us know via email (wccdebateinstitute@gmail.com) and we'll make a note for your instructors or you can let their instructors know directly.

I'm not able to accept the Google Groups invitation. Is that a problem?

No, many students were having trouble accepting this invitation. As a result we will not be using the Google Group to send messages, rather we will just email you directly. Sorry, for any confusion.

I missed the first day - can I still attend?

Yes, just be sure to text the Help Hotline (213) 259-3469 and let us know you need a to be assigned to a lab.