LAMDL Fellowship

The Lamdl fellowship

Join us in welcoming our first class of LAMDL Fellows!

The LAMDL Fellowship is an incredible opportunity for current students and alums to:

  1. Participate in round-table discussions with guest panelists spanning various careers in law, policy, non profit, and advocacy. Many debaters possess a unique set of skills that are not only transferable to a myriad of industries, but are sought after. With our monthly Policy Pathway meetings, we make those skills apparent as many of our guests carry a background in debate, as well as other public speaking extra-curriculars.

  2. Fellows will be prioritized for a summer internship with our partners at their Proskauer firm. If considered and accepted, folks will receive an amazing opportunity to work closely with lawyers and other workers in the field of Law. As Policy Debate trains students to become well versed in argumentation and persuasion, it naturally becomes a spring board for folks who are interested in pursuing a career in law. For those who are especially interested in a career in law, Fellows will be heavily exposed to areas within the field.

  3. This is a PAID Fellowship! While Fellows will be participating in the program and occasionally working with LAMDL staff members, they will also receive financial compensation. Additionally, Fellows will be receiving exclusive merchandise, as well as access to public LAMDL events.

Non-students can support this program by donating to LAMDL!

Donations are an important part of what helps us continue to run monthly tournaments, Summer Debate Institutes, travel, and now our Fellowship program. Your funding and support of this program creates more avenues and pathways for our students to make meaningful impacts within their communities and careers.

When you donate, you are:

  1. Creating more resources for a new population of students and alumni who are pursuing their own route to professional establishment, and still look to the LAMDL as a resource that can aid them in those efforts.

  2. Making sure that our students are being connected to an ever growing and ever competitive industry of Law. Fellows are included in a series of monthly discussions that feature well-cemented individuals in the field. These individuals may serve as mentors for students to reach out to in continuing their growth as aspiring workers in law.