About Us

The LAMDL is a non-profit organization that supports local public schools in their efforts to build robust, engaging, and sustainable policy debate programs. For over 100 years, competitive policy debate has been a uniquely effective training ground for lawyers, politicians, business executives, and other leaders in American society. Four years ago, in Los Angeles as in most of the country, competitive debate was available only in elite private institutions and the wealthiest public schools. Students at these schools won national renown, yet students in LAUSD had no opportunity to participate in this life-changing activity. Our mission is expand access to policy debate programming to students from LAUSD schools. In order to fulfill this mission, our organization:

Recruits and trains teachers to serve as debate coaches

Hosts six annual professional development seminars for teachers

Hosts six annual league debate tournaments

Negotiates fee waivers for LAMDL students to attend additional regional and national tournaments

Hosts a free week long summer debate workshop at the University of Southern California

Connects LAMDL students to the debate programs at a number of prominent universities across the United States