Suits In Solidarity Debate Project

Motivated by a desire to ensure that African American students in LA’s public schools have access to policy debate, the Suits In Solidarity Debate Committee seeks to partner with The Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate League (LAMDL) to provide the resources needed to support and sustain debate teams at 3 local high schools (Crenshaw, Dorsey, and Washington Prep)  with large populations of African American students. The committee’s goal is to raise $250,000 over the next 12 months to provide 5 years of funding to this network of schools, with an annual $50,000 budget.

The committee is requesting your support in order to help establish and sustain these teams. Supporters are asked to contribute at least $500 by December 20th 2018. Donations can be made using paypal or any major credit card, using the link below.