2016 Tournament 1 at Downtown Magnets HS

Monday, October 10th, 2016 – Posted by LAMDL

On October 7th and 8th, LAMDL started the 2016-2017 debate season at Downtown Magnets High School. Over 200 students debated pivotal issues surrounding US foreign policy with China.

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament: Renae Salunga and Bao Lei from Stern in the championship division, Victor Briseno and Camille Grundy from Downtown Magnets in the varsity division, Daniel Arce and David Escobar from South Gate in the JV division, and Elvis Pineda and McKayla Shelton in the novice division.

Top 5 speakers in each division are:

1. Andrew Navarro from LA Leadership
2. McKayla Shelton from Bravo
3. Elvis Pineda from Bravo
4. Catelynn Soong from Stern MASS
5. Gabriel Gonzalez from Valor Academy

1. Miguel Carias from South Gate
2. Daniel Arce from South Gate
3. Matthew Stroud from East Valley
4. David Escobar from South Gate
5. Lucian Suarez from LA Leadership

1. David Quintero from South East
2. Miranda Munguia from Elizabeth Learning
3. Maximilian Maravilla from South East
4. Joshua Sto. Domingo from Downtown Magnet
5. Vontrez White from Downtown Magnet

1. Renae Salunga from Stern MASS
2. Mitchell Agredano from South Gate
3. Yardley Rosas Downtown Magnet
4. Christopher Perez from Downtown Magnet
5. Bao Lei from Stern MASS

Thank you to the Downtown Magnets administration and debate team who hosted us and provided a great tournament experience!