LAMDL 2016 Tournament 5 at South East High School

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 – Posted by LAMDL

On February 26th and 27th, LAMDL hosted its fifth debate competition at Southeast High School.

Congratulations to South Gate’s Mitchell Agredano and Albert Cardenas for placing first in Varsity, Elizabeth Learning Center’s Miranda Munguia and Jennifer Flores for placing first in Junior Varsity, Stern MASS’ Kaitlin Ctibor and Jessie Yu for placing first in Novice, and Bravo’s Azuah Gonzalez and Gabby Chaj for placing first in Rookie.

Additionally, congratulations to the top 5 speakers in each division. These speakers included:

1. Anakaren Ocaranza from CALS High
2. Layla Ruiz from CALS High
3. Jorge Quezada from CALS High
4. Amandelyn Miranda from CALS High
5. Azuah Gonzalez from Bravo

1. Miguel Canias from South Gate
2. Idaly Godinez from South Gate
3. Almaluz Medrano from South East
4. Jesse Mendoza from South Gate
5. Xavier Contreras from Stern MASS

1. Miranda Munguia from Elizabeth Learning
2. Jennifer Flores from Elizabeth Learning
3. Silvia Chavez from Stern MASS
4. Brianna Beltran from Stern MASS
5. Rita Rangel from South Gate

1. Diana Alvarez from Stern MASS
2. Ashley Dominguez from South Gate
3. Mitchell Agredano from South Gate
4. Albert Cardenas from South Gate
5. Jesus Franco from South Gate

Thank you to the South East administration, coaches, and team for helping to host! And thank you to all our volunteer judges!