LAMDL 2016 Tournament 4 at Crenshaw High School

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 – Posted by LAMDL

On January 22nd and 23rd, LAMDL hosted its second largest tournament of the debate season at Crenshaw High School.

Congratulations to Downtown Magnet’s Eleanor Skladman and Samantha Lemus for placing first in Varsity for the third time! Shout out to Stern’s Jennifer Mendez and Renae Salunga for placing first in Junior Varsity, South Gate High School’s Dominique Penate and Montserrat Lara for placing first in Novice, and Downtown Magnet’s Matthew Stroud and Citlali Ramos for placing first in Rookie.

Additionally, congratulations to the top 5 speakers in each division. These speakers included:

1. Katherine Trujillo from East Valley
2. Edwin Reyna from East Valley
3. Kimberly Gomez from East Valley
4. Layla Ruiz from CALS
5. Kenneth Hernandez from Downtown Magnet


1. Griselda Alcala from South Gate
2. Almaluz Medrano from South East
3. Dominique Penate from South Gate
4. Raquel Morales from Stern MASS
5. Alicia Perez from Port of LA


1. Brigitte Rodriguez from Downtown Magnet
2. Anthony Correa from Downtown Magnet
3. Maximilian Maravilla from South East
4. Renae Salunga from Stern MASS
5. Vontrez White from Downtown Magnet


1. Albert Cardenas from South Gate
2. Yardley Rosas from Downtown Magnet
3. Samantha Velasco from Stern MASS
4. Deana Polyvko from Downtown Magnet
5. Jesus Franco from South Gate

Thank you to the Engineers & Architects Association for graciously providing food and support during the tournament! And of course thank you to all our volunteer judges who make this all possible!