LAMDL 2015 Tournament 3 at South Gate High School

Sunday, December 13th, 2015 – Posted by LAMDL

On December 11th and 12th, LAMDL hosted its third tournament of the debate season at South Gate High School.

Congratulations to Downtown Magnet’s Eleanor Skladman and Samantha Lemus for placing first in Varsity, Bravo Medical Magnet’s Jorge Arenas and William Fung for placing first in Junior Varsity, and South Gate High School’s Tristan Sanchez and Rita Rangel for placing first in Novice.

Additionally, congratulations to the top 5 speakers in each division. These speakers included:


1. Sneh Chachra from Downtown Magnet
2. Kimberly Abraca from South Gate
3. Tristan Sanchez from South Gate
4. Jude Abass-Busby from Crenshaw
5. Laura Sanchez from South East


1. Miranda Munguia from Elizabeth Learning Center
2. Alexander Ramirez from Elizabeth Learning Center
3. My’Keial Simpson from Crenshaw
4. William Fung from Bravo
5. Elen Yolyan from Bravo


1. Albert Cardenas from South Gate
2. Eleanor Skladman from Downtown Magnet
3. Samantha Lemus from Downtown Magnet
4. Diana Alvarez from Stern
5. Christopher Rodas from Downtown Magnet

Lastly, thank you to all our volunteers for judging!