Our Alumni

Preparing Students for College & Developing Leaders

While many students have parents, family members, and friends who did not go to college, UDLs change what is possible for these students. Studies show:

  • UDLs have a graduation rate of nearly 100% in schools that have dropout rates of 30-40%
  • More than 75% of UDL students go on to a four-year university. These students have an 80% matriculation rate.

According to a survey by the National Forensics League, 64% of U.S. Congress members competed in debate or speech in high school. Debaters are disproportionately represented in leadership ranks in law, business, and the academy. With high expectations, expanded horizons, and advanced skills, urban debaters are equipped to improve their schools, strengthen their communities, and ultimately make a contribution to the nation's leadership.

Alumni Excellence Award

Every tournament we highlight some alumni who have gone on to amazing things both in and outside of our league.

Brianna Lozano

Stern Math and Science School

Imogene Adams

Bravo Medical Magnet High School

Yardley Rosas

Downtown Magnets High School

"Debate has given me the ability to understand language incomprehensible to most and develop the voice necessary to advocate my beliefs and for my community."

Renae SalungaLAMDL Alum & Georgetown University Undergraduate