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Cameron Ward


A message from our Executive Director

On behalf of LAMDL’s board, and the thousands of students that we’ve served since our inception, thank you for your interest in our league, and for your support of the essential work of expanding competitive policy debate throughout LA’s public schools. Prior to LAMDL’s formation in 2007 Policy Debate had gone extinct in our public schools. Since that time we’ve worked to build programs in more than 30 local high schools, and this year that network will serve more than 650 students. We are incredibly proud of LAMDL’s growth over the last decade, and are building toward our landmark goal of serving more than 1,000 students from 50 schools, by 2023.

LAMDL is a vector by which the community can invest in these incredible young people. LAMDL’s success has been made possible in large part because of the contributions of people like you who contribute because they agree that all students deserve engaging academic programs, regardless of which school they go to, or which neighborhood they live in. Whether you are making an investment of time by volunteering at a tournament, helping with outreach, or a monetary contribution making it possible for us to expand access to debate, your generosity can change the lives of these students by giving them an opportunity to empower themselves through academics and advocacy.

Program Managers

Joseph Flores


Gabriela Gonzalez


Leah Villanueva


Program Assistants

Amber Brooks


Albert Cardenas


Matt Marin


Stephanie Perez-Sandoval


"These students stand to be powerful advocates for their community, and what makes us so passionate about serving them, is seeing how this activity gets them excited about policy making and motivates them to get involved in making the world a better place."

Cameron WardExecutive Director