LAMDL 2016 Tournament 7 at Manual Arts High School

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 – Posted by LAMDL

On April 22nd and 23rd, LAMDL hosted its seventh tournament on the campus of Manual Arts High School.

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament: Diana Alvarez and Samantha Velasco from Stern in the varsity division, Adrian Perez from Foshay in the JV division, Bronson Contreras from Elizabeth Learning in the novice division, and Zeuz Islas from Harbor Teacher Prep in the rookie division.

Top 5 speakers in each division are:

1. Sarah Kratzer from Harbor Teacher Prep
2. Dennis Constanza from Port of Los Angeles
3. Jacqueline Moreno from Manual Arts
4. Zeuz Islas from Harbor Teacher Prep
5. Tyler Okeke from Harbor Teacher Prep

1. Jade Ramos from eCALS
2. Melissa Esparza from Valor Academy
3. Alfonso Munguia from Elizabeth Learning
4. Jennifer Rublacava from Elizabeth Learning
5. Bronson Contreras from Elizabeth Learning

1. Adan Lepe-Rangel from Manual Arts
2. Adrian Perez from Foshay Learning
3. Bridgette Rodriguez from Downtown Magnet
4. Jessie Yu from Stern MASS
5. Jimena Calderon from Downtown Magnet

1. Samantha Velasco from Stern MASS
2. Alfonso Santos from Downtown Magnet
3. Diana Alvarez from Stern MASS
4. Albert Cardenas from South Gate
5. Ivy Cheung from Downtown Magnet

Thank you to Manual Arts administration and volunteers for all their support this weekend!